My Photographic background

Dave Osborne - PhotographerI have been blessed with a multifaceted creative ability and developed an interest in piano and picture taking early in life. My father was a very talented self-taught photographer who loved his hobby. He was a fanatic of the 35mm color slide format, and taught me a lot of early lessons. Unfortunately his collection vanished later in my life after his passing.

At 16 I went to a community college where I studied cinematography and photography and was considering a career in film making. Then in 1969 I had the opportunity to take post graduate classes at the famous Banff School of Fine Arts in Banff Alberta Canada. Here I really started to experiment in both landscapes and portraits - beautiful ballerinas attending classes and the nature and beauty of the mountains - I mean, how could you go wrong!!

The love for photography in the early 70's however, was out-shadowed by my up and coming musical career. This path lasted for over 20 years on and off, and photography took a huge backseat in my life. Throughout time, I retained all my old Pentax MX hardware, lenses, filters and accessories carting them from one home to another, almost selling on a couple of occasions but never did.

I have always had an interest in the heavens and everything scientific in nature. During the Late 90's this grew into a new hobby of Astrophotography. My equipment now includes a Celestron C8 with all the trimmings. I dusted off the old Pentax MX, obtained the adapters and lenses, and started shooting the stars.

Another 10 years of photo creative dormancy goes by, and here we are today, at the tender age of 65 I have once again fallen in love with the world of photography. I feel like I am starting over, but I don't care, I dusted off my old lenses, updated to the new K5 and started building my new collection of accessories and lenses. I am having a blast rediscovering the art form and looking to once again include astrophotography at some point. I am having a growing fascination with light painting and macro work, but continue to shoot landscapes for now. The digital age has definitely been a blessing for me and my self-taught computer/software expertise throughout the last 20 years has made this all the better.